What about a solution which calculates expenses and keeps track of settlement, so you don't have to scratch your head !

We got it for you

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Cinque Terre

TripPal helps you calculate and manage your Trip expenses. While you enjoy your journey TripPal keeps track of how much is spent and who owes what. From Trip cost planning to monitoring each transaction to settlement it's your travel buddy to help you have a worry free trip. Available on the web, iOS, and Android!

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How does it work

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Download TripPal from your smart phone or tablet or log in through your favourite browser.To create an account you must have an active email address.

Create Account

Create your account with a valid email and password, we will send you an activation code. Activate your account and start using


Create trips

Start a new trip by creating new trip or join an existing trip created by your friends. You will be default Admin for the trips created by you.


Manage Admin activities

As a Trip Admin you will receive notification for various activities happening in the trip, Eg: Approve trip expenses, add or remove members, expense settlement

Trip Admin

Create expenses

Add trip expenses like food, travel, entertainment and share the cost among members. You can choose members to share the expense.

Create Expense

Settle expenses

Leave the complicated part to us about Who owes whom, we will generate details of each expense and share.

Trip Settlement

Trip Cost Planner

Plan your trip cost on your fingertips, just enter few details and we will tell you your approximate trip cost.

Cost Planner
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But hey ... there's more ...

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Access your accounts between your phones and tablets

Data in

All your data is securely stored in cloud, so you will never lose your data


We have taken care of securing your data communications!

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